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green dream

pedrali collections outline outdoor living

Now that spring’s finally here, with the good weather and rising temperatures, the desire to spend time outdoor and escape everyday life is growing.

Within this scenario, furniture has the power to encourage conviviality and interaction by offering functional and versatile spaces in public areas and creating little oases of comfort within the home.

Terraces, verandas and gardens of our homes are always cosier and reflect our passions and habits.

Cafes and restaurants are preparing to welcome customers in their carefully furnished dehors giving life to functional and versatile spaces.

Meanwhile, workspaces grow their interest towards outdoors, small gardens or terraces where to take a break during working hours.

Pedrali offers outdoor collections made to guarantee the user’s wellbeing. Made with high quality materials, they resist to weather conditions, as well as being durable and easy to clean. Chairs, lounge armchairs and sofas give a fresh, elegant touch to their surroundings and they are characterised by welcoming shapes and recycled materials, hand woven polypropylene cord and soft, water-repellent cushions.

green dream


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