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ARUBA DATA CENTER /Petral raised floors

Petral raised floors (12.000 square meters ) in Aruba Global Cloud Data Center

In an important DATA CENTER in Italy, PETRAL installed 12.000 square meters of raised flooring with an understructure over 2 meters high. This system consists of S34 calcium sulphate panels with HPL finish.The specially designed understructure was made of steel tubular pedestals and stringers, consisting of a 120 x 120 cm mesh, inside which an additional 60 x 60 cm module was created and modular panels rest on it. This particular type of structure facilitates the passage under the floor of the maintenance personnel of the servers used in the Data Center.


  • Via S. Clemente, 53, 24036 Ponte San Pietro BG, Italy
  • PETRAL S.r.l