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PETRAL video in which the various stages of laying raised floors are shown in detail.

Indications for a right installation:

Storage: every component must be stored in a dry place, safe from bumps and dust.

Slabs: the slab must be solid, with a smooth, regular surface. Slabs and plaster must have reached the right degree of maturity (at least one month old). We recommend to apply a coat of anti-dust sealant to the slab.

Finish and installation: technological and electrical systems, false ceilings, anti-dust treatment, painting, and the installation of doors and windows, glass, sills and steps must be completed before the raised floor is installed.

Environmental conditions: the temperature (before and after installation) must be maintained between 5 and 35°C, with relative humidity of 40-75%.

Moving loads: always use lift trucks and rigid board when moving heavy structures (cupboards, machinery, etc.). Remove only the number of panels absolutely necessary, and always employ the special lifting tools. Take care to return the panels to their original position.

Cleaning for classic line : use a cloth soaked in warm water and neutral detergent and wrung out carefully. Never pour liquid directly onto the surfaces. Avoid alkaline detergents, soda, soap, solvents, steel wool, abrasive materials and sand paper.



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