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Outstanding beauty of a real fire by Planika in Dubai

Fireline Automatic at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai

The Izel restaurant at the Conrad Hotel is known as an ideal place for a business lunch or family dinner.

Apart from an excellent food, the main attraction of the place are breathtaking Planika’s panoramas of fire. From the moment you step in the Izel restaurant, designed by Patricia Holler from WA International, you are graced with amazing views, stylish and modern décor and Planika’s smoke-free fireplaces –

Fire Line Automatic.

All existing fireplaces located at the restaurant and bar area put together would form a fire line of approximately 14 meters of length. Fire Line Automatic’s natural golden flames create a cosy feeling that can help to relax while enjoying the food.

For those who enjoy spending their time outdoors, 9 of Planika’s portable fireplaces – Totem Commerce have been placed on a terrace to enhance the beauty of the place.

Natural golden flames create a wonderful atmosphere and adds a perfect finishing touch to this exceptional restaurant as a piece of unconventional contemporary interior design.

Outstanding beauty of a real fire by Planika in Dubai


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