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Dream House with ethanol fireplace in Mykonos Island

Amazing project with window fireplace

Illusions are fascinating and creating an illusion in your living room is something fascinating for all of us. Window fireplaces look just as the name states - a window with a fireplace. Planika custom bioethanol fireplace installed in the living room with a glass panel on the back overlooking the garden, makes it look like it’s part of the room, not an additive. It’s kind of the ‘flat screen TV’ of fireplaces and looks amazing no matter how you’ve decorated your house Interior design within this amazing dream house has been built to the highest standards. High quality, luxurious furnishings and Planika's top fireplace create unique, sophisticated home to the owner and guests!. Entertaining often flows from inside to outside and back again. Fireplace installed in a window captures the scene from both sides while showcasing a gorgeous fire ribbon and a view for everyone.

Dream House with ethanol fireplace in Mykonos Island


  • 86-061 Brzoza, Poland
  • Karolina Skowron

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