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How To Design With Fire - FREE WEBINAR

Live Planika Academy Webinars

We are proud to announce that Planika Fires has prepared special series of webinars addressed to architects, interior designers and interior designers enthusiasts. Within ONLY 30-minute presentation you will get to know how enhance the interior with our high-end technology fireplace and what are the solutions for commercial spaces that are difficult to arrange. We will also discuss how to create premium interiors without interfering with the building construction (as the fireplace is installed at the final stage). During the presentation you have unique opportunity to ask questions and we will answer them live.

We will present the webinar twice, day by day.

Click the link below and choose which date better works for you

Join Live Planika Academy Webinars and get the chance to WIN one of our outdoor fireplaces.

How To Design With Fire - FREE WEBINAR


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