Planium: Design with Hexagons

Valentina Dago
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Perfect Geometries

Planium is always the reference point if architects and designers are on the hunt for trends and modernity.

In recent decades, floorings and wall claddings have assumed square shapes first and then rectangular; later large formats were added to give the look a sense of breadth, widening the spaces.

Planium offers you an ancient geometry, but revised with the eyes of today: hexagonal tiles, with side 12 and side 24 cm, to enhance the past and reinterpret it with novelty.

Brass, bronze, copper, calamine, smooth and embossed stainless steel, oxidised steel: the catalog finishes are pure emotion.

We apply our precious textures to floors and walls in the traditional way to glue or to floors with only support, or through magnetic or pressure fixing systems. To each type of scenario or context we have dedicated a different type of installation, always simple and immediate. Our hexagonal tiles will leave an unmistakable mark on your projects.


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