Planium, Magnetic Calamine

Valentina Dago
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MG01 Magnetic Floor

What happens when our innovation meets an amazing finish?

A flooring with immediate installation is created, thanks to which it is possible to renovate entire surfaces in just a few minutes, immediately giving the room style and elegance.

Technology and beauty, know-how and aesthetics. In Planium, we do not really leave out any details.

Metropolitan atmospheres that change, depending on the trend: Planium allows you to change skin, to always discover the novelty.

The Finish:

It is called Calamina and is a surprising finish, obtained by the hot rolling of steel plates. The nuances of this material range from gray, to blue, to oil, turning towards copper, but each plate is unique, unrepeatable. Planium offers Calamine for its original charm and versatility.

The System:

MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and rapid floor installation system. The attraction of the magnetized substrate allows a static support of the tile. The flooring to be covered remains intact in this way.

The Format:

mm 490.00x980.00, here are our geometries that will revolutionize your environments.

So why are you waiting? Change with us!


Wonderful Spaces

Imagine your Spaces

with Calamine it is very easy

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