Green Design: MR01 Modulo Radiante

Valentina Dago
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Green Projects

Respect for the environment, low impact, energy efficiency and zero waste of resources: we are always inspired by this. In Planium we work from the beginning for green building, designing appropriately and selecting materials with minimal energy content incorporated.

MR01 Modulo Radiante was born as an eco-sustainable solution to meet the current need to have a raised floor and a radiant system in the same product. This combination makes it possible to combine technical needs, which are more and more frequently present in the restructuring phase, without renouncing to high performances of thermal comfort and excellent stylistic result. The modules are equipped with a hydronic system integrated in the panel.

Salient features of MR01 Modulo Radiante:

• high performance;

• low minimum height, maximum unlimited elevation;

• punctual inspection;

• low thickness of the radiant panel;

• low energy consumption and low inertia;

• maximum climate and acoustic comfort;

• great flexibility of the plant.

All the components are assembled together using screws to facilitate the breakdown of the parts at the end of the life of the floor and thus obtain the separation of the individual materials for their recycling.

The laying is fast, totally dry and eliminates the demolition and disposal phases of the rubble.

The installation is reversible and leaves the possibility of punctual inspection of the interspace below.

The matching Planium finishes are all in metal, a highly recyclable and conductive material.

A large floor, beautiful finishes, ideal temperatures in every season .. for green projects.

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