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NEW: modular walk-in wardrobe by Porro

A dense pathway hosts 8 subsequent possible solutions, confirming that spacious, breath-taking areas are not necessary: the wardrobe project by Porro shows off its absolute quality whatever the size. Like a tailor, Porro masterfully sews its wardrobes like a custom-made dress that is able to adapt to all desires and spaces, combining industrial production and

handicraft, off-the-shelf product and one-off piece.

A heat-treated oak architectural volume created by including a series of pillars and by covering the existent walls hosts a pull-out sliding doors wardrobe with consistently thick doors, a precious treasure chest where to put one’s clothes; the boiserie in teak with lacquered fittings, symbol of neatness and warmth, continues the natural effect created by the new Wood Cover panelling in the same essence; the stylish shoe holding lighted inclined shelves; the unavoidable open dressing in mongoi with its precious truck-like appearance; the wardrobe with Iron hinged doors that combines protection with the view of the interiors; the self-standing Storage-Air walk-in closet exhibiting one’s most beautiful clothes, that can also be placed at the centre of the room. Last but not least, the latest company’s novelty, Boutique Mast, an elegant graphical cage made up of reduced thickness circular metal uprights where to fit cantilevered glider-wing shelves and wide rectangular mirrors: an aesthetically powerful solution designed for a boutique or for a hedonist’s house, ideal for contemplation and for

self care.


  • Porro