For Mondschein Restaurant, a Brera pergola on the snow in the Dolomites

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A cocktail on the snow, surrounded by the beauty of the Dolomites and protected by an elegant and comfortable space, where you can taste a delicious selection of specialties.

This is the unique experience offered by Mondschein restaurant in Sappada (Udine), which, in order to enhance its charming dehors, has chosen to rely on Pratic, leading brand in the design of awnings and pergolas.

Managed by Kratter family, Mondschein restaurant combines innovative and traditional flavors in an exceptional location: a charming wooden lodge located a few meters far from ski slopes. Outside, a large terrace allows guests to enjoy the breathtaking view of the natural landscape and benefit from the fresh mountain air.

However, this popular open air space was difficult to use in winter season, as it was not sheltered and exposed to sunlight for just a few hours; therefore, too cold to be used throughout the day. A space that the owners wished they could take full advantage of, also in light of the reduction in the number of seats, due to anti-Covid restrictions.

The bioclimatic pergola Brera by Pratic has brilliantly responded to this need, by extending the surface of the restaurant and creating an exclusive lounge with twenty additional seats, dedicated to cocktail time. The structure of about 26 square meters is made entirely of aluminum and it is equipped with a cover with sunshade blades, which with a simple gesture move back and compact into a small space, thus allowing air and light to filter freely on hot days. In case of rain, snow or cold temperatures, the blades can be closed hermetically in order to protect the space below and allow rainwater to drain through a system of perimeter gutters concealed in the uprights.

To make the space even more comfortable there are Slide Glass 60 sliding glass walls that shield the perimeter of the structure contributing to improve the thermal insulation, without hindering the view. Thermal insulation is strenghtened by the presence of the custom-made Set platform, which allows the installation of the pergola on any type of ground, thus solving any problem of slope or unevenness.

When the sun goes down, Brera bioclimatic pergola lights up with a soft light thanks to LED Line, positioned on the perimeter of the roof and platform and Quadra Light integrated in the blades. Options that combine beauty and functionality, giving the entire environment a sophisticated atmosphere, ideal for enjoying, in every season, exclusive cocktails and exquisite wines offered by the restaurant. A central element of the project is finally the choice of color: intense black for the structure and a smoky shade for the glass walls that, combined with the particular architectural context of the restaurant, represent the successful combination of tradition and innovation, typical of Mondschein’s hospitality.

For Mondschein Restaurant, a Brera pergola on the snow in the Dolomites

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