Pratic for Andriani: the green smart office is now open air

Pratic F.lli Orioli Spa
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A Smart Building surrounded by greenery with Pratic's Opera pergola

Andriani S.p.A., leading benefit corporation in the innovation food sector thanks to the production of innovative pasta made of legumes and cereals as an alternative to wheat both as co-packer and under its own brand Felicia, is a futuristic headquarters embracing all the potentialities of technology and design in terms of well-being for its workers. A space conceived to be people- and environment-oriented thanks to a design able to reduce consumption and emissions.

Signed by ASP Progetti studio, the office building opened in 2020, the new headquarters redesigns the horizons of the industrial area of Gravina in Puglia (Bari) with a Smart Building surrounded by nature, leaving no detail to chance.

Fully automated through home automation systems unique in Italy, the building has been designed to be as self-sufficient in energy as in its operation, with over five hundred interconnected devices managing the reception, the lighting and the heating system, etc.

The workspace is also interactive combing hi-tech to an architectural planning focused on worker’s needs. Individual workstations as well as co-working, meeting and training rooms merge into large, bright and cozy spaces, which not only foster flexible and cooperative work, but also promote health, happiness and positive thinking.

Among these stands out a unique open-air environment, achieved with six Opera pergolas of Pratic and the partnership of the expert dealer Gravina Parquet.

In the company courtyard, three pairs of bioclimatic pergolas house as many rooms for work and relaxation respectively surrounded by a rosebush, a hydroponic garden with official herbs and a citrus grove with local plants creating an authentic multisensory path.

The area is immersive and usable in any season since the structures are protected along the perimeter by tempered glazed closures and by an adjustable covering with sunshade blades made of aluminium. Opera sensors allow indeed changes in weather to be detected thus adjusting the blades from zero up to 140 degrees to make the most of natural lighting and ventilation: a sustainability feature further enhanced by custom-made systems regulating building’s aeration and humidity. The result is therefore an optimal temperature both indoors and outdoors.

In case of rain, instead, the blades can close and let rainwater into the gutters, integrated into the profiles, thus allowing the drainage beneath the floor and into tanks, where water is collected and purified in order to reuse it for the watering of green areas, with an eye to circular economy.

Just like any other home automation function of the pergola, the lighting interacts directly with company’s integrated system, which sets its functioning up according to the circadian cycle – the natural biological clock that ideally synchronizes the physiological rhythms of the human body depending on the alternation of light and dark.

Perimeter Led Line and Spot Light lights can adjust their intensity depending on weather conditions and the different hours of the day to ensure the best of comfort and the maximum concentration.

Besides fitting the natural context and matching the building’s shades perfectly, the choice of the colour finally completes the open-air project, thus concealing a great element of respect for the environment. The distinctive green hue has been indeed custom made by Pratic inside a zero emission building and by using nontoxic and non-polluting varnishes only, all certified Qualicoat Seaside Classe 2, to ensure a longer-lasting and brighter colour over time. Furthermore, the branded pergolas are manufactured throughout eco-friendly processes by employing separable and end-of-life recyclable raw materials.

Overall, the result is a highly evolved space focusing on design while considering its environmental footprint as well as the person’s well-being, mood and cognitive processes. Aspects that have always marked Pratic realizations and that embrace Andriani’s values, that with its strong commitment towards innovation and sustainability conveys a broad concept of well-being in favour of the environment and people, for a workplace aiming at a better life quality.

A Smart Building surrounded by greenery
A Smart Building surrounded by greenery

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