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An exceptional veranda-pergola combination in the Morbihan

Profils Systèmes
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There is nothing like a veranda and a pergola in antique grey shades for extending an existing building, like the stylish extension of this villa in Baden.

There is nothing like a veranda and a pergola in antique grey shades for extending an existing building, like the stylish extension of this villa in Baden. Facing the Morbihan Gulf, this Breton house, originally entirely white, has been remodeled and partially demolished, while both gables have been preserved.

The pergola was not part of the original design project. “I suggested it because we had the room for it,” explains Philippe Trochel, head of sales at Fillonneau, who oversaw the project. “The idea of a pergola linked up to a veranda delighted the owners. The pergola with adjustable slats and climate management protects them from heat in summer and blocks out the cold during the winter.”

The opening between the house and the new living area was made by inserting a 5-metre concrete lintel, which gives the feeling of being in an unbroken space. “The homeowners can arrange the tables and armchairs just as they like,” Philippe Trochel points out. Another technical challenge was to find a dedicated aluminium profile to provide an invisible link between the pergola and the veranda. “The two spaces are complementary and form an indivisible whole, thanks to the profiles,” Fillonneau’s managing director, Pierre Guillaume, stresses.

The client’s original plan for a glazed roof was abandoned and replaced with a patented system of shutters and sun-blinds, more appropriate from an energy-saving angle.

To fabricate and install this 30m² Wallis&Outdoor® extension, Fillonneau Vérandas needed eight months’ work. One difficulty was that the company had to connect the extension to the floor of an overhead balcony. Another awkward problem was orchestrating all the specialist craftsman jobs required for the extension - builders, electricians and roofers. “The works schedule had to operate perfectly, which meant we had to make sure each job was done on time, with photo sessions, sending back information and getting it verified,” Philippe Trochel explained. In fact, Fillonneau does not manufacture from plans but uniquely after measurements have been checked on site. “Sometimes measurements quoted are not respected, but there is no error margin when you work in aluminium. The alignments have to be right down to the last millimeter.” The result measures up to expectations, with its flat roof, contemporary style and the wide openings onto the garden.

The work benefits from a 25-year guarantee (loss of colour shade, oxidation caused by salt and humidity). “This is one of Profils Systèmes real strongpoints! This is a remarkably long anti-fading guarantee period and it’s unique in France.” What’s more, Fillonneau works exclusively with Profils Systèmes.

“As well as the guarantee, the finish on their profiles really distinguishes this supplier,” smiles Philippe Trochel. Fillonneau has a close relationship with Profils Systèmes, which means work on R & D can be shared. For example, Fillonneau asked Profils Systèmes’ technical specialists to design special extruded gutters, which marked the peripheral line, supported the roof and housed the protective casing for the roller shutters, all done in Fillonneau style. “You don’t find many partnerships like that on the market. Aluminium suppliers usually sell their products to many different veranda specialists.” That’s without counting Profils Systèmes’ exclusive colour range, which can be adapted to any project. For Pierre Guillaume, Profils Systèmes advantage lies in its capacity to respond to market trends, with top-level products which are really fashionable. “Their Terra Cigala® granite colours really helped us!”

The vogue for verandas

Verandas are old-fashioned? Quite the contrary! Over the last five years, well-finished, modern-style verandas have become really popular and they are prized by a younger clientele on the look-out for elegance. The Baden project was in this style: they wanted something which pleased them, says Pierre Guillaume. Moreover, people these days don’t talk about verandas but speak of extensions. “It means the same thing, but the semantics have evolved to suit the new clients.”

These veranda-extensions are not just providing extra living space in the habitat, open to the exterior. They also permit energy savings. In this category, Profils Systèmes’ aluminium profiles stand out because of their “high thermal performance”, Pierre Guillaume explains. Another strong trend is that pergolas are becoming sought after as separate units by Fillonneau’s clients.

Project: Veranda Extension + bioclimatic Pergola : 30m²

Fabricator/installer : Fillonneau Vérandas -

Joinery Profils Systèmes : Véranda Wallis®, Pergola Wallis&Outdoor®

Colour shade: Gris antique

Photos : Fillonneau Vérandas

An exceptional veranda-pergola combination in the Morbihan

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