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The magical dollhouse of your dreams is currently on display at IMM Cologne

As a Guest of Honor at IMM Cologne 2014, Louise Campbell was selected to design a central installation for the international furniture fair. What she created is a low-tech space without the rigidity of a conventional house, an abstract structure that breathes peace and poetry: Das Haus.

We get in bed with her, quite literally!

In getting rid of computers and smart phones, she privileged useful items. However, useful does not mean boring. Campbell played with proportion and measurement à la Alice in Wonderland, a theme and influence that recurs throughout the house. Miles of bed space and extraordinarily long tables create a sense of whimsy and a sense of imperfection that characterizes the space. Campbell describes the house “as a big hug” that is “also hysterical in some places, or even a bit insecure and wobbly, like walking on high heels.”

The idea of proportion and measurement is also revisited with an exceptional display of household tools. In fact, the tools and grids throughout the house are reminders of the role that measuring plays in our daily life. We weigh our priorities, we measure our success…such tools are physical manifestations of a more philosophical intention.

Above all, Das Haus is a piece of design that pulls you in and makes you want to stay.. The Danish designer emphasizes, “I built ‘Das Haus’ from the inside out. The house itself can be seen as a big piece of furniture. It’s one big storage unit for people. Or you could say it’s a shelf for life.”

You can visit Das Haus at IMM Cologne until January 19th.

A Conversation With Louise Campbell