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Our Thoughts / What Wow’d Us

The Temporary Museum for New Design opened its doors just yesterday at Superstudio Più. We zipped around this space bursting with all sorts of new design. While it can be tough to break into the design realm or to push forward a new concept, we were captivated by several pieces. The wide range of products kept us on our toes and a display of fun art linked design areas together when moving from one to the next. As we wandered, certain elements really stuck out.

Bikes! It’s sunshine season and we see many people riding around on their bicycles, a helmet on their head and a smile on their face. Designers must be feeling the pleasant warmth too and have targeted the cyclist! We saw several fantastic, new bike designs from brands like 180 Degree, la bicicretina and Ribola’s.

The light bulb and its protector, a nighttime liaison with that spherical flame, the sun. While summer is approaching and we’re all excited, interiors and exteriors still need a little luminescent assistance in the evening. Melogranoblu’s black room hit the crowd hard and left them in awe. But other objects exhibited like the Smoon Birdie Light by Beau&Bien and even the Vortex light by BeBack design mesmerized.

On top of that, we observed this lovely theme of basic and tangle patterns and also mosaics. We know that Missoni designs polish this image, but the idea is really a la mode now with other designers. For example, the brand One Off Mosaico added serious color to the exhibit.

Other eye-striking elements were found around the museum. We’ve posted some photos for you to enjoy. So peruse away.

180 Degree

180 Degree


Vortex by BeBlack


One Off Mosaico