Werner Aisslinger
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The latest winner of the prestigious A&W Designer of the Year Award

German designer Werner Aisslinger has been at the forefront of design technology since he entered the design scene in the early 1990s. A graduate of the Hochschule de Künst in Berlin, he formed Studio Aisslinger in 1993 and immediately began testing the limits of design.

He is the first designer to have industrialized techno gel in furniture, and he was creating modular pieces well before it became an industry standard. Several of his pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and he has worked with an entire range of emininent brands and manufacturers.

Aisslinger won the A& W Designer of the Year 2014 and participated in an exhibition sponsored by the German magazine at IMM Cologne. The exhibition presented a cross-section of his work, including the recent Bikini Island that he designed for Moroso and a textile-based bathroom interior that he designed for Axor.

A confirmed design giant with nothing to prove, Aisslinger still keeps a razor-sharp, unwavering focus on the future promises a continued dedication to the exploration of possibilities, the results of which we are excited to watch.