Rob Stephenson
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Amazing series of photographs on urban transformation

We love architectural photography for one simple reason: it shows what architecture is really all about. Whether it’s our homes, offices or a hotel, the things we build really show who we are. And looking at them from a distance, say a street corner distance, we can see several layers of time, several eras juxtaposing, slowly devouring one another.

We especially love the Transformation series by Rob Stephenson. These amazing photographs reveal how the different generations slowly take over older ones with a long but natural process of destruction and building over, showing what really makes our human condition. By emphasizing the transformation process of our cities, Stephenson reveals our ability to modify the surrounding environment by adapting it to our needs and constantly trying to improve it.

By making us see some of these old brick buildings still standing here, those photographs carry a heavy burden of nostalgia too. They seem to wonder if progress and technology are so good and stable after all. A simple shot of a glass skyscraper, almost leaning on an old brick building underlines the coldness of our fast growing technologies in contrast with materials that lived and bear the scars of our past. The eternal question of what we keep and what we throw away.