Benjamin Hubert
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A British creator that belongs to a new generation of design

With the latest generation of designers, the working model of the entire industry is evolving. From conception to fabrication, more and more designers are taking the design process into their own hands. London-based designer Benjamin Hubert is one of the forerunners of this trend. Case in point: his new Tenda lights. The studio will be manufacturing and distributing them directly.

Such a break from tradition is perhaps unsurprising for a designer who defines his work as “materials driven, process-led industrial design”. Whether it be through technology, materials or sustainability, Hubert has always committed to pushing the boundaries of design. Take his award-winning Ripple table. He used a unique manufacturing process and corrugated plywood to create an ultra-lightweight, sturdy and sustainable piece of furniture, which he even ameliorated with the Ripple 2.0.

During our interview with the designer at Milan Design Week 2014, we were most struck by Hubert’s business savvy. He has cleverly recognized that designer notoriety is one of the pillars of design and is consequently working on his brand and reexamining the traditional business model. In fact, Hubert rather embodies intelligence in design. He graduated with honors, earning a degree in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University in 2006 and founded his own design studio a year later. Since, he has accumulated a wealth of awards and honors, adding to the renown that we are certain will successfully carry his endeavors in manufacturing and distribution.

A Conversation With Benjamin Hubert

Tenda Lights by Benjamin Hubert

Ripple 2.0 by Benjamin Hubert