MAD Architects
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Contemporary architecture with a future

Keeping one foot firmly planted in the future while respecting the past, MAD Architects seeks to create works of individual expression while being mindful of community needs. Indeed, “tension” perhaps best describes the firm’s futuristic designs. Headed by Ma Yansong, the firm’s founder, and principal architects, Qun Dong and Yosuke Hayano, MAD Architects flawlessly integrates cutting edge structures into established spaces. Bringing new life while preserving tradition defines a major part of their creative philosophy. The firm is based in Beijing and Tokyo, but their designs have migrated all over the world, spurring exhibitions from New York to Shanghai. Definitely an exceptional collaboration that excites us for China’s creative future. We recently interviewed Ma Yansong at the Venice Architecture Biennale about one of their latest projects the Zendai Himalayas Center. The project has recently been put into construction in Nanjing, China. The site will cover an overall building area of approximately 560,000 square meters. Working at this scale, MAD strives to capture a fully realized “Shanshui City”— a concept at the center of MAD’s designs that adapts the traditional Chinese Shanshui ethos of spiritual harmony between nature and humanity to the modern urban environment. Learn more about this project, watch the full interview below!

A Conversation With Ma Yansong Founder & Principal Partner of MAD Architects