alfredo häberli celebrates giandomenico belotti with limited edition spaghetti chair for alias

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the ‘spaghetti chair’ is an iconic furniture piece by giandomenic belotti that was conceived in 1979 as the first seating object designed for italian company, alias.

to celebrate the historic symbol of design, alfredo häberli was invited to freely interpret and reconstruct it to create different configurations that while offering a contemporary approach to the chair, still captures belotti’s original concept.

seven unique pieces have been created by the argentine creative, utilizing the signature PVC threads of the ‘spaghetti chair’ in new ways. ‘alta tensione’ sees the chair back extended to the point of becoming a celebration of the makintosh chair; while ‘vice versa’ has been broken down and deconstructed through a manipulation process that results in a variant that has two adjacent seats. ‘fondamentale’ features a very low seat, close to the ground, contrasting ‘alta vista’ — a two-metre high version that projects a strong architectural presence. a more poetic interpretation by häberli is ‘suppletiva’ that has a table built into its structure that stands as an organic element. a hyper-feminine proposal is rendered with ‘fine’ that exhibits a seat reduced to a minimum size, while ‘dilatata’ is an opposing model that seems to be transforming into a bench.

alfredo häberli on the collaboration with alias, and reworking such an iconic design:

‘ever since I met renato stauffacher, who lived in a house designed by belotti, I’ve had a spaghetti chair. during an alias designers dinner, I had the pleasure of meeting giandomenico. I was impressed by the strength and independence of his works. something that you will seldom find in products nowadays. the spaghetti chair intrigued me right away. not only because of its being so light, so graphical and radical, pared down to the minimum. not only because of its being so comfortable and smart, but first and foremost because from the very start its proportions and materials spoke to me and communicated with me: when I was sitting on it or just standing in front of it, spaghetti talked with me, and this happened from the very start. tons of images came to my mind at once, together with stories and anecdotes related to the spaghetti chair. I thought, if giandomenico belotti was able to design such an extreme chair before I even began to work as a designer, maybe these images that I’m seeing, this search for new interpretation could provide an occasion for joy. in actual fact, it is a profound and respectful homage to an iconic chair and its designer, giandomenico belotti‘.

alfredo häberli’s limited edition of seven ‘spaghetti chairs’ is on show at imm cologne 2016, within the fair’s ‘pure editions’ exhibition from january 18th-24th.

alfredo häberli celebrates giandomenico belotti with limited edition spaghetti chair for alias