iratzoki + lizaso weave chestnut strips into zumitz collection for alki

iratzoki + lizaso
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designers jean louis iratzoki and ander lizaso have teamed up to create a collection for alki that has a starting point a woven chestnut basket. this still craft-made technique is produced by the expert hands of artisans in the foothills of the pyrenees.

this time-honored tool from the basque country is, even today, used by smallholders, fishermen, and bakers. and because values of authenticity and proximity are dear to alki’s heart, the designers wanted to integrate such unique expertise in this new collection.

a uniquely companionable collection of objects both for private houses and the hospitality industry has been developed from this rural tool that encapsulates the world of work. made in part by local basket craftsmen, the ‘zumitz collection’ clearly flies the flag of transmission of cultural heritage. a new use has been given to this technique of weaving chestnut strips (known as ‘zumitzak’ in basque language) by assembling them on a tubular metal structure. thanks to this application, yesterday’s tool has made room for today’s practical object.

‘zumitz collection’ comprises a range of objects including a coffee table, screens, and log basket. the whole set exudes a simple ruggedness that fits perfectly into contemporary settings. in acknowledgement of its territorial roots, the genetic makeup of this collection salutes the memory of ancestral expertise.

the collection references the woven chestnut basket