artless goods references geographical features to create functional landscapes

artless goods
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referencing natural landforms, singapore-based design studio artless goods has developed a series of small concrete objects that showcase in miniature, specific geographical features. mountains, volcanoes, craters, and plateaus were abstracted to become vessels for containing different small, precious objects such as rings, bracelets and other accessories.

several plastic prototypes for each feature were 3D printed to refine the form and proportions. customised moulds were then created by pouring silicone onto the final forms. these were used to cast the pieces in concrete, and the results retain the contouring and layering texture made by the 3D printing process, reminiscent of topographical lines used in maps to represent height.

abstracted geographical forms

abstracted geographical forms


mountain ring crater vs grand teton range, north america


mini crater bowl vs haleakala volcano, hawaii