Bordeaux’ Canopia tower will be one of the tallest timber frame structures in the world

Sou Fujimoto Architects
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Sou Fujimoto Architects and Laisné Roussel just unveiled plans to build a 50-meter (164 feet) tall timber frame residential tower in Bordeaux, France. Part of Canopia development, the tower will feature generous outdoor spaces and themed rooftop gardens connected by walkways. The residential tower aims to become one of the tallest timber-frame structures in the world.

The development will include 199 homes, 3,770 square meters of office space and 500 square meters of retail outlets. Sou Fujimoto Architects, who is in charge of the entire development, collaborated with French architecture firm Laisné Roussel to design the tower. They also created an interdisciplinary team made up of developer Pitch Promotion, timber construction engineering firm Mathis, economist Faure, environmental engineering agency Le Sommer Environment, landscaping team Etablissement, acousticians Emacoustic and the building control office Apave.

Shared spaces are located both on the fringes of the site and at the heart of the development. Agricultural spaces with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, vines, compost areas, water reservoirs and a winter garden are complemented by raised walkways that offer unparalleled views of the Garonne. Cross-laminated timber was used with Mathis ATEX technique to form the floors of the tower, with glued laminated timber bars incorporated into the post and beam frame for stabilization. The entire development aims to achieve “Biosourcé” certification, and an H&E A-rating for the homes.

Bordeaux’ Canopia tower will be one of the tallest timber frame structures in the world

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