Man builds the Transforming Tiny Home for less than $500

Scott Brown
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Everywhere you look these days, some high-end designer is coming up with a pricey way to put all kinds of luxury options into the tiniest of spaces.

Some tiny homes available on the market cost more than a standard size home. But that's not the way Scott Brown sees the tiny house movement. Rather than try and trick out a tiny space with granite countertops and fancy appliances, Brown went the old-fashioned route -- and found a lot of recycled materials to incorporate into this tiny, low-cost home.

Using salvaged materials and a few gifted items — like a sweet woodstove — he built this little home for under $500. The home is only 83 square feet and sits on 20 acres of land that Brown’s friend owns.

There are no “bells and whistles” in this little home and there is also no plumbing and no refrigerator. But Brown has access to an outhouse and an outdoor shower. Inside, the house has everything he needs.

Even though the house is tiny, there’s lots of natural light from a recycled skylight. He does, however, admit, that living in a tiny house like this does promote doing a lot of your recreating outside, as weather permits. He says he often takes his meals, along with his camp chair, and eats outside.

Scott Brown leads an interesting life. In addition to building tiny homes and writes a blog called Scott’s Next Adventure.

Man builds the Transforming Tiny Home for less than $500

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