8-year-old cub scouts build their own tiny house studio to raise funds

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen
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A group of eight-year-old cub scouts in Stoughton, MA recently built their own tiny house as a way of raising funds. Luckily for Pack 24, their Den leader is tiny house maven Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, host of HGTV's Tiny House Builders and author of Microshelters.

Under his leadership, the boys helped design, build and paint the small structure. Not only that, but he also taught the boys how to source and use salvaged materials, making their project slightly more challenging.

“I thought it’d [sic] not only be fun, but help them learn quite a bit by way of tool usage and re-using building supplies and salvaged goods, and that it would be something they could be very proud of,” Diedricksen told Inhabitat in an email. “While dens might make milk-carton bird feeders, I wanted to show them how to build something a little more substantial and longer lasting.”

Just seven-feet square at its base, the cabin has a small bunk loft which Diedricksen says even most adults could comfortably sleep in. Adorned with artwork from Michigan artist Keemo and the Den leader’s personal studio, the cabin has a clear, “lantern-like” front “thanks to a donation of Tuftex.”

While the team hoped to add a composting toilet and bathroom to the tiny house studio, they were limited by time and materials.

“I think that this would make for a great play space, mini art studio, backyard office, or a seasonal guest bunk house,” Diedricksen said. “With the right equipment, you could also toss this up into a well-built tree platform to make one heck of a tree house!”

The cabin is up for auction. Albeit slightly rustic, Diedricksen says a comparable shed from a chain store, which lacks the custom features or the special input of its young builders, would “easily run $2500 or so.”The Cub Cabin is currently on display at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA, and if you’re interested to support the Pack 24 cub scouts’ fundraising initiative by purchasing this adorable cabin, feel free to reach out to Diedricksen on Facebook.

8-year-old cub scouts build their own tiny house studio to raise funds

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