World’s largest solar glass facade will supply half the electricity for Copenhagen International School

Copenhagen International School
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A new school in Denmark is all about clean energy – and it will feature the world’s largest solar glass facade. The Copenhagen International School will sport contoured solar glass panels provided by Emirates Insolaire, one of Dubai’s leading investment companies. Photovoltaic technology is integrated right into the building’s facade, which will convert solar energy into more than half the electricity the school needs to operate.

The school’s facade will consist of around 12,000 contoured solar glass panels that generate electricity without detracting from the building’s aesthetic appeal. C.F. Møller Architects debuted the innovative design last summer for what was going to be the largest school in Denmark. In our initial coverage of the design, Inhabitat reported that the solar panels would be roof-mounted, and we’re thrilled to learn about the plan to use integrated solar glass instead. Finding a vendor to provide the unique solar glass panels is a big step forward in the project’s progress. Once complete, Emirates Insolaire says the solar glass facade will produce around 300 megawatt hours per year, which is over half of the electricity needed to run the school.

In addition to the Danish school, Emirates Insolaire has won contracts to install the unique solar glass on two other buildings in in Dubai Investments Park. The concept of integrating solar power technology into windows is a growing area of the renewable energy market, and as the technology improves, architects and designers are looking for more ways to seamlessly add clean energy production to new construction. Although the technology can be used in almost any type of building, integrating clean energy enables large buildings like schools and offices to slash their potential carbon footprint before they even attach the doors, let alone open them.

World’s largest solar glass facade will supply half the electricity for Copenhagen International School

Solar glass panels for the Copenhagen International School in Denmark will be supplied by Dubai-based Emirates Insolaire.