dominique perrault completes renovation of pont de sèvres towers in paris

dominique perrault
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originally built by architects badani and roux-dorlut in 1975, in 2008 dominique perrault was charged with transforming and renovating the the pont de sèvres towers located in west paris. now renamed to ‘citylights’, the vast scheme has seen the site becoming reconnected to the urban infrastructure with new connected transportation systems and ultimately, bring the architecture into the 21st century to suit program today.

recently celebrating its inauguration, the rehabilitation of the towers has seen a new central area that anchors the building in the city. this includes a new plaza, a second entrance on the forum area, a main central hall, large terrace for the restaurant an the construction of a fourth tower – with the same petal shape – attached to the tower two overlooking the seine river.

the towers were originally cut off from their surroundings and with the introduction of pedestrian routes, the site is now connected to the new trapèze district. there, the wasteland of the former renault factories has now been replaced by office and residential buildings, both new and refurbished.

‘the rehabilitation process of the pont de sèvres towers, while respecting their historic value, allowed for a thoroughly new structure, in line with current norms and new sustainable development performances.’ – dominique perrault

the form itself has been retained but illustrates a subtle and new envelope made of aluminum cladding, with a third of the building covered with a folded façade creating ‘bracelets’ around the towers. these ‘bracelets’ are organized at contrasting positions in response to the different heights. additionally, a LED lights have been installed in the folded elements resulting in a rhythm and luminous beacon.

the main central hall, designed by gaelle lauriot prevost expands on three levels. this generous light-filled space, provides a unified design for the different towers. simultaneously, the atrium acts as a compass to orientate visitors and employees.

dominique perrault completes renovation of pont de sèvres towers in paris

based by the seine, the towers are an integral part of paris’ recent expansion towards grand paris


only the concrete petal shaped structure of the 3 towers has been preserved throughout the project


a new tower has been constructed, bearing a similar petal-like shape


the building will be occupied with diverse programs such as commercial, office and corporate restaurants


the site has been re-connected to the public transport system, with a métro stop right outside the building