hollwich kushner's skyler provides a home for all stages of life

hollwich kushner
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with an aging population that has been steadily moving back into the urban environment, new york-based studio hollwich kushner have conceived a an architectural solution to a sociological problem

‘skyler’ is a sculptural tower aimed at supported a vertically layered community throughout an entire lifetime- a structure which caters to different age groups and accompanying needs, so that inhabitants can be constantly cared for and stimulated no matter what stage in life they are in. the tower, with its asymmetrically faceted elevations provides unique views and the same diversity in experience as the people it intends to house. its holistic approach to offers a wide variety of tailored services- day cares for the young ones, a business continuation center for senior citizens who are interested in staying professionally engaged, an infirmary, grocery shopping and school drop-off services, and a health center catered to all age groups.

‘skyler takes the challenges of aging and turns them into opportunities, imagine how the experience of living would be different if you were supported for your whole life. how would it change the way you engage with the people around you? wouldn’t that be a smarter way to live? a better way to live? this is why we created skyler, a building designed to enable users to constantly grow and shape their own future.’ – architect matthias hollwich.

the program includes 600 units that offer a variety of micro housing typologies and ‘urban designs’ that allow users to pick between clustered social units, private isolated units, and more traditional apartment-style layouts that provide the backdrops for all stages of life. within this vertical community, inhabitants are cared for, looked after, and given the opportunity to learn and grow with one another throughout their entire lifetimes. the structure allows one to change and adapts to those changing needs by offering the range of spaces that cultivate changing needs.

hollwich kushner's skyler provides a home for all stages of life

skyler: a new aging tower


in the urban context


angled walls offer unique views from within and a constantly changing elevation from the outside


layered activities provide opportunities to learn and grow as a community