Tree in the house

A.Masow Architects
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Tree house among the forest of fir trees. It created for that would feel more fusion with nature and give up some unnecessary conditions and things. The house has to be something that can only develop your spiritual and creative development.

Construction and technology

The house consists of a metal structure that holds the frame of a house. A glass coated with transparent solar panels, they provide heat and electricity in the house has to be Tesla's wall which serves as an energy accumulator. The water will be purified and renewed. Rain water will be purified and used to bath.

The ventilation system is located on each floor, which cleans indoor air to breathe and gives a tree. Wood oxygenates house.

Watering tree leaves sprinkle once a day, and special solar spotlights that will cover those parts of the tree which is in the shade.

We announce to start of fundraising in INDIEGOGO

Tree in the house

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