EARTH MONTH GIVEAWAY: Score a non-toxic Simple Sleep Mattress from My Green Mattress

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Clearing the toxins from our homes is incredibly therapeutic – especially this time of year. A thorough spring cleaning with homemade cleaners can work wonders for your overall health, but reevaluating your furniture is also important.

Did you know that conventional mattresses are filled with toxic chemicals like flame retardants that off-gas fumes which pollute your indoor air and can linger in your home for years? If you’re in the market for a new mattress, then you’re in luck. In honor of Earth Month, we’re giving away an all-natural, USA-made, non-toxic Simple Sleep Latex Twin Mattress courtesy of My Green Mattress. Handcrafted with 100% natural dunlop latex, this 7-inch hypoallergenic mattress conforms to your body without creating pressure points, giving you a healthy, restorative sleep.

And be sure to check out for a special Earth Week promotion of up to $150 off your next order on everything from mattresses and mattress toppers, to organic sheets and pillows.


Tim Masters, the founder of My Green Mattress, began making toxin-free mattresses as a worried parent. His daughter Emily was born suffering from severe eczema and allergies. Tim and his wife Cindy consulted the best pediatric dermatologists, but it was only when they switched their infant daughter to an organic mattress that her symptoms finally dissipated. After all the success, Tim was inspired to make a career change. He sought out to bring affordable organic bedding to families everywhere, handcrafting a line of 100% all-natural mattresses.


Designed to be pressure, stiffness, and pain-relieving, My Green Mattress’ Simple Sleep mattress is made with 100 percent Oeko-Tex-Certified natural latex and a soft, quilted GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton fabric cover. The all-natural Joma wool lining acts a safe, chemical-free flame retardant that passes all federal regulations, unlike standard mattresses which contain dangerous levels of VOCs. Each mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and a 100 Night Comfort Guarantee.

Worth $699, the 7-inch Simple Sleep Twin Mattress will give you, your kids or guests the most comfortable, healthy and healing night’s rest. Latex’s naturally occurring hypoallergenic qualities mean that it will not release toxic chemicals like synthetic foams in conventional mattresses. Derived from renewable rubber trees, latex also has anti-microbial properties resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew. It is naturally breathable, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and it reduces motion transfers so anyone can have a good night’s sleep.

Enter above for your chance to win the healthiest sleep of your life!

EARTH MONTH GIVEAWAY: Score a non-toxic Simple Sleep Mattress from My Green Mattress

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