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BOOK REVIEW: Anjie Cho's 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces

Here's few practical guidelines that demonstrate comfortable and eco-friendly interior designs.

Did you know that Feng Shui practitioners were some of the first environmentalists in the world? Many people are unaware that the basis of Feng Shui is synonymous with green design, as its essence is centered around mastering a connection with the natural world. So, when exactly does a green home become a sanctuary? We had the opportunity to review Feng Shui expert and LEED accredited Architect Anjie Cho‘s latest book for a true how-to on the subject: 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing Organic Homes. Read on for our review, and a glimpse inside this practical, DIY guide to creating a truly holistic space.

108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces begins with a basic overview of Feng Shui principles, colors and elements, and demystifies the Bagua map and space clearings. Readers should not expect to become a Feng Shui expert by the end of the book, but newbies will certainly learn some terrific base knowledge, and those with some prior knowledge will be able to gain a fresh perspective on what they have already learned.

Ms. Cho blesses readers with practical, easy-to-understand applications that anyone can apply to one’s home or office. Her advice is split between Feng Shui traditions and modern eco-friendly habits, encouraging readers to implement daily routines that benefit both people and the planet. She delves into everything from artwork to de-cluttering, in an accessible way that’s both informative and deeply resonating.

The remainder of the guide is divided room by room, each chapter containing easily implemented tips. Readers will learn everything from how to properly orient one’s bedroom, to choosing houseplants and energy-efficient appliances, to creating a meditation space and an inviting entryway. Each tip is thoroughly explained, so that one can easily understand the intentions behind each action.

Ms. Cho’s LEEP AP accreditation is widely evident throughout the guide, with tips ranging from water-saving implementations for the bathroom, buying post-consumer recycled products, composting, recycling, and how to switch to a green energy provider.

108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces genuinely illustrates how Feng Shui is deeply connected to green design, and proves to be a comprehensive resource that can be revisited again and again throughout one’s lifetime.

BOOK REVIEW: Anjie Cho's 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces


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