Garden Home at Rienzi

A D Lab
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Designing Garden Home at Rienzi, in Singapore, the architecture practice A D Lab created a sensation of openness and limitless space within a lush green environment.

In a humble inter-terrace site of under 130 sqm, the architects have managed to create a sensation of openness and limitless space within a lush green environment, while still comfortably accommodating all the functions of a home.

Situated within the narrow streets of terrace houses at Opera Estate, clever design and the immersion of natural greenery throughout the spaces of the house has allowed a surprising openness and ventilation. The feeling within is one of being encompassed by a boundless garden with gentle, constant breeze.

The service areas of the home are tucked away into a part basement, leaving the ground floor open, with a central courtyard. A leafy ficus tree in a bubbling water feature grows within this courtyard, bathed in gentle sunlight from the skylight above. The center of the home, which is in many inter-terrace houses a dark and uncomfortable space, is here transformed into a lush internal garden.

Both front and back facades of the first storey living spaces have been opened up to the maximum, using transparent roller shutters that can be hidden in the ceiling, allowing the prevailing winds to flow through the house. These gardens and courtyard spaces of the home allow the occupants to feel the movement of the natural light across the house throughout the day, while shading them from its harsh impact.

Garden Home at Rienzi