Beautiful modern barn produces food sustainably in Utah

Lloyd Architects
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Sustainable practices are at the heart of Snuck Farm, a year-round family farm in Utah that grows organic produce with the motto “Eat Well, Do Good.” So when Lloyd Architects was brought on to create a modern new barn for the farm, the architects crafted a beautiful space with room not only for farming and animal husbandry, but also with areas for education and public engagement.

The renovated timber-clad barn preserves the traditional agrarian look while adding contemporary elements that match the farm’s forward-thinking practices. Located in Pleasant Grove on a narrow three-acre lot, the land belonging to Snuck Farm—also known as the Fugal Farm—was first settled in the late 1800s by the Fugal family, who continues to farm the land today. To make the most of the limited acreage, the farm uses hydroponic farming methods in addition to organic farming practices. Lloyd Architects’ design puts those practices on display with three glass greenhouses located in the north.

The main barn building is organized along a central north-south breezeway that divides the building into two halves. On the west is a community kitchen and lounge that receives visitors, while the opposite side contains office space and the animal living quarters. While its gabled form, fieldstone walls, and exposed timber beams offer a rustic appearance, the interior uses minimal and modern materials and textures to create a contemporary feel. “The main structure’s simple agrarian form and raw materials reflect the simplicity of function and the character of the family that inhabits this place,” said the architects.

Beautiful modern barn produces food sustainably in Utah

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