Feature Wall Design Idea – A Chevron Accent Wall

Amanda Ayres Interiors
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There’s no doubt that accent walls are a great way to bring in color and spice up a space. Although they can be done in a number of ways, a popular choice for accent walls is to do a wall filled with chevrons.

The zig-zag wall pattern can be created using paint and tape, some kind of wallpaper, or even with wood strips for a more natural look.

If you use wallpaper, you’ll have more options in terms of the size of your pattern and the look of your lines. However, the wallpaper option might not be a great idea if you live in a rental apartment.

In that case, painting the design might be a better way to go. You can make the pattern completely uniform or you can create unequal spacing to make a more interesting design. And you have the added bonus of getting to use the exact color you want.

No matter which way you create it, a chevron accent wall is one way to add a fun and vibrant design element to any room in your home.

Feature Wall Design Idea – A Chevron Accent Wall