camposaz's wooden landing encourages rest and reflection in romania

giovanni wegher
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camposaz, a woodwork construction workshop based in italy, has designed and built ‘tampa’ — an observatory and place of rest atop a rocky mountain outcrop in romania.

the location, overlooking the city of brasov, was chosen for its strong architectural potential as a site of stability, beauty and spiritual rejuvenation within an otherwise physically taxing landscape. the build was approved by various local institutions in the hopes that the project would help socialize the isolated spot, increasing the number of tourists and hikers drawn to the site.

an international team of 12 — led by architects giovanni wegher and massimo bertoluzza — worked for ten days on the logistically difficult build, allowing the natural demands of the rock face to guide the trajectory of the build and final design. as a company, camposaz’s methodology encourages processes of development and construction to operate in tandem, allowing for a more organic end-result that responds to and evolves from its environment. the team considers the physical and mental labor of creating the shelter a tool of expression, a human response to the innate architecture of the natural landscape.

straightforward in its use of basic geometries, the wooden face of ‘tampa’ is interrupted by naturally occurring protrusions from the rock face that are welcomed and incorporated into the shelter. the large, multi-level box that defines the structure allows for playful exploration or quiet reflection, blurring definitions of interior and exterior and engaging in what the studio describes as a ‘rhythmic dialogue’ with the surrounding nature.

the result is a structure that invites the contemplation of space — natural and man-made — and a curiosity for the places in between.

camposaz's wooden landing encourages rest and reflection in romania