archihood WXY opens up dandelion farm building into surrounding nature

archihood WXY
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nestled in between a silver-grass forest and abundant greenery, archihood WXY has constructed a duo-use concrete and timber building – ‘the korean dandelion farm’ – which pays special attention in engaging the emotions and state of mind of visitors using architecture.

located in south korea, the flat-roofed building serves as a retreat for visitors, a café and a place for processing korean dandelion; a common ingredient used in herbal remedies. ‘we wanted to provide a place where it can re-energize their listless and depressed state, and can help remind memories by evoking their senses. this will help achieving some opportunities to look back on their lives and create positive energy through motivation from nature.’ comments architects woohyun kang and youngjin kang.

archihood WXY took into consideration of the scheme’s placement and orientation in relation to the site’s topography. as a result, both the front and the rear of the building is opened onto a wooden canopy and deck to encourage airflow, whilst framing the surrounding landscape. at the heart of the space, the farm café provides a serene gathering space marked by a long wooden table. from the café bamboo-lined corridors lead off to the office, kitchen and processing room. a wooden fence lines the perimeter around the building with a 3cm gap between each panel and promotes glimpses into the nature from the inside.

in hopes for the building to leave a positive memory engrained in visitor’s minds; bamboo wrapped courtyards, planting, water and light have effectively been used to instill an airy and relaxing setting.

archihood WXY opens up dandelion farm building into surrounding nature