förstberg ling wraps house for mother in corrugated aluminum

förstberg ling
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divided into two elongated gabled volumes, ‘house for mother’ is a property designed by malmö-based studio förstberg ling; the property belongs to the architect’s mother and addresses a balance between spatiality with intimate rooms and strong materiality.

located in linköping, sweden, förstberg ling planned the interior revolving around a living program that accommodates the mother’s enthusiasm for books and weaving. references to barnhouses is evident with the exposed wooden beans and trusses, while the walls is wrapped in plywood, complementing the overall scandinavian aesthetic of the home.

the construction is positioned slightly shifted from each other and emphasizes the narrow plot. in stark contrast to the warm interior, the envelope is clad in corrugated aluminum and creates a dynamic play of light and shadow during the day. a few, but large windows interrupt the metallic façade to allow a constant stream of light to permeate the high-ceiling interiors. connected to the living areas is a small greenhouse clad in translucent polycarbonate panels.

förstberg ling wraps house for mother in corrugated aluminum

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