ZAS architects complete library with shifting form in suburban toronto

ZAS architects
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resulting from exploring the evolving role of the library in the digital age, the ‘vaughan civic centre resource library’ in canada by ZAS architects is a transformative space aiming to empower local residents of all ages and demographics and most of all, dedicated to community learning, gathering, creating and celebration.

located in suburban toronto, the ZAS architects created the building’s ethereal façade and shifting translucent form to reveal layers of the open interior spaces. it’s complex geometry forms a loop around the central interior courtyard, it’s pattern shifting glass panels representing the overlap of ideas and user groups who gather inside.

‘from the outset of this project we worked closely with the city of vaughan and the vaughan public libraries to conceptualize a library that would distinguish itself functionally and architecturally. the result not just a notable building but one that is being embraced by all ages in the local community and the city’ comments paul stevens, principal at ZAS architects.

in contrast to the monochromatic exterior façade, bright furniture and glass animate a fluid series of lit spaces, balancing open meeting areas with places for private study. dynamic natural lighting acts as a guide throughout the space, directing visitors as they explore the collection.

multi-generational and diverse, each space within has been designed to foster learning for wide-ranging user groups. from the café to the central outdoor courtyard, the vibrant two-storey facility hosts extensive public activity space and is accessible for all. computer modeling and 3D printers, a media suite, sound recording studio, video studio and green screen all creates hands-on opportunities to learn, discover curiosities and hone craft.

ZAS architects complete library with shifting form in suburban toronto