belzberg architects builds tree top residence in los angeles

belzberg architects
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belzberg architects has constructed a three-story dwelling along a natural ridgeline in los angeles.

designed to celebrate the site’s specific landscape, the long and narrow plan of the house mimics and inverts the angles of the surrounding topography, emerging above the canopy of trees that surround it. the secluded structure is hidden from the street, yet remains open to its site, offering views over the terrain the north, belzberg architects used canted limestone louvers and dense planting to shield the interior from adjacent properties. meanwhile, the remainder of the building remains open with the densely wooded valley below creating a natural screen. internally, a helical stair functions as both the primary circulation route, and as a sculptural gesture at the entrance to the house. at ground level, the staircase acts as a threshold into the open plan, while on the floor above, it separates the master suite and children’s quarter.

the building culminates in the master bedroom at the uppermost level, which features full-height sliding doors at its cantilevered corner. throughout the scheme, walls are used sparingly in favor of fluidly connected spaces. movement and views between dining areas, kitchen, play and gathering spaces are uninterrupted, while floor-to-ceiling glass doors blend interior with exterior.

belzberg architects builds tree top residence in los angeles

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