C.DD contrasts textiles and materials for office in foshan, china

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C.DD has completed its construction of a private office space in the city of foshan, guangdong province, china.

entitled ‘6th floor rear flat: future town office’, the project takes its aesthetic cue from a chinese film of the same name. the storyline revolves around a group of fun-loving friends who make a pact to each achieve a specific dream within 12 months. the space is intended to promote this ethos of carefree ambition.

using a selection of contrasting textiles and materials, C.DD has created a bright, airy interior that hopes to blur the line between working and living spaces. industrial in presentation, the studio has lightened the mood by injecting moments of color into the otherwise minimal space. the upper level is painted a bright terracotta, while the floor of the kitchen and dining area below is delineated with a base of handmade decorative tiles. poured cement grounds the structure, giving it an aura of stability, while white cement brick brings light into the smaller rooms and helps to highlight the windows that open up the face of the building.

in keeping with the design’s source material, the different sections are brought to life with subtle moments of playfulness — a smiling face hidden in the artwork, and bright lights dangling from above.to realize the initial goal of building a stronger community environment within this limited working space, the owner has divided the office into three separate working areas, which are subleased to young entrepreneurs. the owner meets and collaborates with the other teams, sharing space, office services, and creative ideas, while each group works toward its respective goals.

C.DD contrasts textiles and materials for office in foshan, china