giant grass creates froute pod for glamorous camping

Giant grass
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nature has, and always will be, the greatest model for design.

motivation can be found in the feather of a bird, a thriving underwater reef community, or in the structure of a eucalyptus seed. the ‘froute pod’ by giant grass, is a semi-permanent form used for accommodation, studio space, meditation room, backyard gazebo or, for what the designers call, ‘glamping’–glamorous camping.

the pod has an octagonal plan with an inner diameter of 3m and maximum internal height of 2.4m, providing ample space and head clearance. two further extend the interior capacity, two side flaps open upwards to form awnings. the optional free-flowing transition connects the interior to nature or whatever setting the structure happens to be placed. a raised timber deck–made with recycled pallets–provides a solid floor for seating and sleeping; however it might be a bit burdensome to transport, even for the most extravagant ‘glampers’.

the interior can comfortably accommodate a double bed, perfect for laying and gazing into the night sky via side windows or skylight. in summer months, the two flaps can be opened without removing the fly-screen–much like a tent–enabling users to experience semi-open sleeping. structural elements are made of bamboo, and the cover is strong, water proof canvas. from flat pack to fully built, it will take two people roughly 45 minutes to set up. currently the ‘froute pod’ is still in prototyping stages, but giant grass expects production to begin within the next several months.

giant grass creates froute pod for glamorous camping

view with open awnings


looking out


silhouettes reflected on the canvas


light and shade on the timber floor


‘froute pod’