Normann Copenhagen
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Normann Copenhagen presents the Bell Lamp in Ø: 22 cm and Ø: 42 cm diameters

Normann Copenhagen has expanded the popular Bell lamp range with two new sizes. The expansion of the range opens up for even more interior design possibilities with the iconic, bell shaped lamp. Bell is designed by the Danish designers Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck and is now available in four sizes in either sand or grey.

Bell is a pendant lamp with an iconic bell-like shape, where special attention has been given to its simple details. Bell has a rounded, even surface, giving it a moulded look. Rather than hiding it away, the connection between the cord and the lamp itself has been accentuated in a unique and contemporary way.

With the Bell, designers Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck have focused on designing a lamp where the mounting design is given room to unfold. The contrast of the materials used creates an industrial feel. Bell is a directional lamp that changes character and creates new experiences as you move around it. The white inner surface reflects the light, which falls in a cone-like shape.

The designers elaborate:” Bell has a mode of expression, which makes the lamp suitable for several types of decor. The two new sizes make the range more complete. You can simply choose the Bell Lamp that fits with your lighting needs”.

The shape of the lamp fits beautifully in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway and office environment. With its industrial and contemporary look, the Bell Lamp is suitable for both home decor and professional environments. For example, you can hang the smallest Bell (Ø: 22 cm) on each side of the bed as a pair of bedside lamps or use one as a kitchen lamp. You can choose a Bell (Ø: 42 cm) to hang above the dining table, creating the perfect lighting and atmosphere.

Colour: Grey, sand Material: Aluminium Sizes and price: X-small: H: 23 cm x Ø: 22 cm, euro 215, small: H: 37cm x Ø: 35 cm, euro 300, medium: H: 44 cm x Ø: 42 cm, euro 375, large: H: 57 cm x Ø: 55 cm, euro 470

About Jacob Rudbeck & Andreas Lund:

Jacob Rudbeck has a background in the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and Andreas Lund in The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2000. Both Jacob and Andreas have their own studio. They met through their work as teachers and decided to begin collaboration.