Grohtherm 2000

Grohe AG
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Thermostat provides convinience to its user

Grohtherm 2000 is a minimalist thermostat with innovative “Aqua Paddles” which enhance the ergonomics of the product. Their unique sculpted form is easy to grip. They also clearly signal when the temperature is above or below the preset 38 degrees centigrade. The wide spout transitions seamlessly from the body and delivers an extra large laminar flow, which is inspired by the width and powerful flow of a waterfall. The optional shelf simply attaches to the rear and provides easily accessible storage. The “Eco” function is clearly communicated through the intuitive, coloured graphic icons which encourage the user to reduce water consumption when desired.

Statement by the jury

»Grohtherm 2000 makes no compromises in shape or functionality and stands out thanks to its remarkably purist appearance.«

Grohtherm 2000