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An Austrian designer whose work synthesizes everything that we like best

Love can’t always be explained. Often it comes out of nowhere with no explanation. The way the light hits the edge of a table or the perfect contrast between matte leather and shiny brass. Perhaps that’s what stole our hearts. Whatever it was, we definitely have a crush on Nina Mair (and her designs, too).

The Austrian designer’s latest products are minimal, delicate, neutral and functional, which sums everything that we love in a design. Her Concrete Table takes a solid, heavy material and turns it into something light, dainty, feminine. The table’s curves seem improbable and its polished, waxed surface is nothing like what you’d expect from concrete.

Her Stool is another example of a sturdy, practical design that is ultimately delicate and refined in appearance. The glinting brass and polished steel stand up nicely to the muted leather. The brass continues around the edge of her elegant Mirror, turning an ornamental gilding into a useful and unexpected shelf for storage.

With her latest objects, Nina Mair fully realizes her wish to create elegant yet accessible design. We’re sure that they will inspire minimalist design desire in the masses. We’re living proof!


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