Evan Z. Crane
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The Brooklyn-based designer presents new work at BKLYN Designs

Brooklynite designer and craftsman Evan Z. Crane likes to put a twist on tradition. Combining long-established techniques and computer technology, he designs and manufactures furniture that is meant to last for generations. However, his work is anything but boring.

High quality domestic hardwoods are the backbone of the designer’s work, but he doesn’t leave it bare; he adorns the lovingly handcrafted pieces in custom prints and…tufts of Icelandic sheep hair! A set of hairy new additions even made their way to BKLYN Designs this past weekend.

An annual showcase that takes place during New York Design Week, BKLYN Designs highlights local designers. Crane presented a captain chair that folds the sitter in its fuzzy backrest, a coffee table inspired by municipal jungle gyms and a very lovable credenza whose fuzzy exterior opens to reveal a lively print custom-made by the textile company De Islas.

Made from deeply stained walnut and light maple, the Creature Credenza was made to highlight the Icelandic sheep hair that ornaments its facade. Sheep hair also pops up in the Fuzzy Captain along with another custom print from De Islas. The Ball Nose Coffee Table’s simply geometry tipped with gold-plated steel is the culmination of unexpected delights that permeate the collection and reinterpret tradition while highlighting the designer’s craftsmanship.

Fuzzy Captain

Fuzzy Captain


Ball Nose Coffee Table


Creature Credenza