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Ribes is the new modular seating system designed by Antonio Citterio with a focus on versatility, customisation, colour and research on materials. Sofas, central and end elements, chaises longues and ottomans all come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes that lend themselves to being arranged in an outdoor space according to personal taste thanks to the exceptional versatility of the modular components and the availability of a vast rage of covers and nishes.

The starting point is a futon base with exible glass- bre slats resting on an aluminium frame to which two types of arm or back rest can be attached as desired: one with a polypropylene bre interlacing, the other with a roller cushion. On top are seat cushions intended as comfortable mattresses to stretch out on and several shapes of back- and armrest cushion, all containing a new lling giving Ribes a particularly lived-in and soft look.

Colour comes into play in the painted frames in shades of anthracite, sage and clay. These same tones are then picked up in the back and arm supports combining the colours sage and clay with a natural coloured interlacing and anthracite to one in a matching shade, and the same for the brackets of the roller sections.

The textile choice is also extensive and colourful with designs that have been inspired by traditional fabrics collected during numerous trips to South America, reinterpreted and redesigned using very clear colour schemes that still leave a wide choice of different combinations allowing maximum customisation. The seat, back and arm cushions can be covered as desired in wide or narrowstriped, dotted or single- colour material, all in various shades that coordinate with each other. There is also a choice of trim colours in natural, blue and red tones. Because it is so versatile, Ribes can also be recon gured over time by adding new elements as well as altering the functional use of existing ones. By substituting, adding or varying the position of the back and arm rests, a sommier can turn into a vis-à-vis sofa, a sofa become an island and a corner seating plan transform into a comfortable bed. Ribes means transformation and is especially suited to those areas that are neither in-nor outside: verandas, shady patios, under a loggia or on a covered terrace allowing a uid approach to the open spaces in the home.

Ribes by B&B Italia

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