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A sleek, simple lamp that works well alone or as a team

NEON is a delightfully minimal lamp from the London-based design brand Minimalux. However, do not be fooled by names and appearances because there’s no actual neon involved!

In fact, the lamp’s neon glow is essentially an optical illusion for which standard energy-saving light bulb will suffice. The bulb lights up and reflects the interior of the steel box. Tiny slits cut around the edges of the box let the bright light escape, mimicking a neon illumination.

There’s something very high-tech and even (dare we say it) Apple-esque about the design. Or maybe that’s just our inner Apple-addict talking. In reality, the lamp was partially inspired by the minimal and sculptural lighting installations of American artist Dan Flavin. Although a definite statement by itself, NEON also finds strength in numbers. Good thing it’s available in several different colors!


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