The portable lamp to feel at home anywhere

Pierre Charpin
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The PC Portable Lamp, designed by French artist and designer Pierre Charpin for Hay, hides advanced technologies in a simple and friendly form.

From his studio on the outskirts of Paris, artist and designer Pierre Charpin brings to Hay’s digital store his new PC Portable Light, the little sister of the PC Task Light, which he designed in 2016. Like its predecessor, the lamp completely conceals the engineering components and is characterised by the tulip-like lampshade.

This version is designed for indoor and outdoor use, has a battery life of up to ten hours and is rechargeable via a common USB port. New technologies are therefore adapted to lifestyles where flexibility and nomadism are the norm, where it is increasingly easy to “belong anywhere” and where we just need a wifi connection to communicate with the world. Although the technical solutions adopted are cutting-edge, the Portable Light PC has a familiar, user-friendly look, characterized by the attractive silhouette and bright colors.

“There are always so many ways to develop a project. For example, I could have taken a totally different direction and designed a task lamp with a very present high tech feel. On the contrary, even though the PC lamp is rather technical and that had an obvious impact on the design, I clearly decided that I didn’t want to highlight this side of the object. What interested me was to see the lamp as a presence, as a part of the domestic landscape,” says Pierre Charpin.

The portable lamp to feel at home anywhere

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