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Custom bicycles that ride the thin line between form and function

We’ve already compiled a list of awesome bicycles, but the French company Keim considers bicycles from an entirely different angle. Founded by eco-conscious designer Paule Guerin and skilled woodworker Till Breitfuss, the company combines the duo’s expertise, passion and experience to design and make exceptional wooden bicycles.

Guerin and Breitfuss chose to work with wood because of its potential to be both sustainable and durable as well as the potential to push the limits of its usage. Craftsmanship is also at the center of their work, leading to collaborations with other craftsmen such as sculptors and even a plumassier.

ARVAK is their first creation. Made entirely from ash, the bicycle weighs a mere 7.5 kilograms. The design is light, minimal and dynamic with a hollow frame made from a composite of 24 layers of ash that have been vacuum-laminated with a bio-sourced resin.

Each bike is custom made in Breitfuss’ atelier, and the corresponding accessories are selected for their superior quality: carbon wheels made in France by Corima, Miche pedals and an Italian-made fi’zi:k seat.The unique characteristics of the wood are optimized and put forth in the design, so ultimate respect is paid to the noble material.

Most recently, the studio worked with sculptor Charles Boulnois to create the ALÉRION bike. The sculptor transformed the frame into a work of art with delicate feathers ornamenting the light wood. It thus becomes something almost mythical. And it is most definitely unexpected. It almost seems a pity for it to be functional.