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Interview with out of the box designer Ron Gilad on his latest collection

Ron Gilad’s Grado° collection for Molteni sings with his signature taste for the thoughtful dichotomy, pared down geometrical forms and the absurd. With pieces ranging from shelving to seating, Gilad has reinvented basic forms through his own creative lens. Gilad is a designer known for his free spirit who has professed a passion for translating his ideas into objects, either as functional pieces or as art pieces. In this collection for Molteni, Gilad guides his abstract ideas to the realm of real, functional and commercial products.

A subtly modified cube is the subject of several of the collection’s pieces; in place of sharp corners, Gilad has rotated and blunted planes, creating a softened structure without corner or edge. Focused use of primary colors emphasizes his back to basics approach and serves to highlight the form of modified shapes.

Not one to forgo quirk, Gilad creates stark contrast with the Panna Cotta table; a table in both delicate and heavy materials, complete with a base so much smaller than tabletop that the design borders on absurd. This is absolutely Gilad’s modus operandi: determine the limit of an object’s functionality, and then “cut away at this boundary…bring it to a place which is not so obvious.”

Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad